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Welcome to Home Plate Products

A freshly baked apple pie, crisp green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. The right kind of menu, tailored to meet your organization's needs, is an instrumental part of achieving client wellness goals. Wholesome and familiar foods provide a sense of wellbeing, while also meeting important nutritional requirements.

At Home Plate Products, we provide exceptional hospitality management services, specializing in healthcare, residential chemical dependency programs and schools. Our experience managing Twin Cities' food-service programs is supplemented by more than 30 years in the restaurant business and a decade of vending and catering experience.

We offer a wide variety of menus we've developed over the years, including our many homestyle recipes, and adapt them to suit our clients' needs and tastes.


We serve institutional clients, but we don't serve institutional food.

Our mission is to serve smaller programs that are underserved by large corporate foodservice vendors. Our clients' program participants are often in critical and transformative points in their lives. They require nutritionally balanced meals, and may have unique dietary needs. We're able to respond to the dietary concerns of recovering participants, and work closely with our dietician to accommodate special needs and temporary health concerns.